When will begin Formula One Schedule 2020?

When will begin Formula One Schedule 2020

When will begin Formula One Schedule 2020?

The 2020 F1 season was a record-breaking schedule, which is tatters by the Covid-19 epidemic. Here is the present standing of each of the 22 races on the calendar.

The formula 1 2020 season first four races were Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam, and China, which was canceled and postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Dutch GP may be the new season opener race so stay tuned.

The Australian GP 2020 was canceled after confirmed one of the Mclaren team members tested positive coronavirus, whereas Bahrain, Vietnam, and China was announced to postponed which may be recurring to the calendar later in the year when the Formula One season can begin in the coming months.

Formula 1 and the FIA have currently set the end of May, putting the Dutch Grand Prix, the Spanish Grand Prix, and the Monaco Grand Prix in danger of being postponed or canceled.
Here you can see all 22 race of Formula 1 current situation, with the most recent remarks from FIA governing bodies and race coordinators where conceivable.


Formula One 2020 Coronavirus Impact

Temporary opening date: late May

Important Statements: After the cancellation declaration of the Australian GP and the continuing spread of coronavirus outbreak worldwide, the F1 and FIA organization jointly decided to cancel the race to make sure the health and security of the traveling staff, championship members and fans which is our top priority.

All parties said they were confident that the races will be held with new dates, and due to effect the infection, the F1 season is expected to start in late May.

Australian GP:

Start Date: 15 March 2020
Status: Cancelled

Important statements: After confirming McLaren's team member positive for coronavirus F1A and Formula One decided to cancel the Australian GP. Both F1 and FIA called a meeting along with 9 team leaders. These conversations ended with the majority of the teams saying that the race ought not to proceed.

Bahrain GP and Vietnam GP

Start Date: 22 March 2020, 5th April 2020
Status: Postponed

Important Statements:  The rapid spread of coronavirus worldwide and continuous conversation with the F1 and  FIA, the Bahrain International Circuit, the Bahrain Motor Federation and the Hanoi People's Committee, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Automobile Association of Vietnam and The organizers, the Vietnam Grand Prix Corporation have decided to postponed the Bahrain GP and Vietnam GP.

Chines GP:

Start Date: 19 April 2020
Status: Postponed

Important Statement:  The China Grand Prix which was scheduled for 17-19 April 2020 was postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After a nonstop conversation with FIA, CAMF (Motorcycle Sports of People’s Republic of China)  and Shanghai Administration of Sports, the China GP organizers Juss Sports Group requested to postponed the race.

The Chinese Grand Prix is a most important racing event on the Formula 1 schedule and the fans are constantly amazing. The Chinese GP will soon start to hope everybody in the nation the best during this troublesome time.

Dutch Grand Prix

Start Date: 3 May 2020
Status:  Not decide

Important Statement: the postponement of Dutch GP officially not announced yet. The Formula 1 and FIA did not give any statement about Dutch GP canceled or postponed. Obviously nobody astonished, Soon this doubt will be clear if the Dutch GP replanned ultimately.

Spanish GP:

Start Date: 10 May 2002
Status: Not Decide

The FIA and Formula one have declared few changes in the 2020 schedule as previously we have analyzed the different obtainable alternatives with Formula 1.

Circuit de Catalunya announced that they will continue observing the development of the virus and in constant contact with the various agencies and health authorities to further implement actions and suggestions in place and to make sure the health and security of our guests.

Monaco GP

Start Date: 24 May 2020
Status: It is in doubt, however, is expected to be held

The ACM organizer of the Monaco GP race, which is scheduled for 8-10 May 2020 and Grand Prix Formula 1 which is scheduled for 21-24 May 2020 is committed to spreading the coronavirus the situations are going to be worse.

ACM is set to take all required safety measures and will continue to follow all measures suggested by the official health authorities

According to the current information offered by ACM, both F1 racing events such as Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and the Grand Prix Formula 1 2020 presently expected to be held on the official schedule dates.

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