LH 44 Focused on British GP 2020 For Making Continous Record of Hat Trick Back to Back

LH 44 Focused on British GP 2020 For Hat Trick

LH 44 Focused on British GP 2020 For Making Continous Record of Hat Trick Back to Back

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Last weekend, Lewis Hamilton scored his 16th professional hat trick in Hungary, winning pole position, fastest lap, and race victory. What could be better than looking back at the other weekends when you couldn't beat him.

1. Japan GP 2007

Hamilton's received his first hat trick at the end of his rookie season in Formula One. Hamilton took pole position before McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso on Saturday and then set the fastest lap and victory in a race that must be initiated behind the safety car. This is the rainfall. At the same time, Alonso fell under hard circumstances, allowing Hamilton to win the title with 12 points.

2. China GP 2008

Hamilton was trapped in the gravel in the 2007 China game. After seeing his world champion hopes disappear Hamilton took revenge in Shanghai the following year and defeated the champion opponent Felipe Massa, he will win the world championship in Brazil for the first time after winning all 15 seconds of a game.

3. Malaysian GP 2014

For six years, Hamilton had wait to complete his third F1 hat trick when he had already switched from McLaren to Mercedes. These are the three fastest lap weekends in which the Briton beat Nico Rosberg to win the 2014 Drivers Championship in the first season of the turbo-hybrid.

4. Italian GP 2014

As the Italian championship race intensified in 2014, Hamilton was forced to win the 4th hat trick of his career, falling behind Rosberg in the game. In the end, the Germans were forced to succumb to the great pressure of Hamilton.

5. Singapore GP 2014

Hamilton performed a consecutive hat-trick with a dominant show under the lights in Singapore. Although his career was to some extent troubled by teammate Rosberg, who encountered a looming problem on the grid.

6. Australian GP  2015

To defend the title, Hamilton first qualified six tenths before his teammate Rosberg, and Then he drove all laps except two to drive home for a Mercedes 1-2. Strangely, he has not won the Australian Grand Prix since 2008, but he finished his drought style.

7. China GP 2015

In 2014 it was almost a hat trick in China, but Hamilton missed the fastest lap that year by a good margin. In 2015 he returned, taking third pole position and led by only 0.042s in three races ahead of Rosberg and then controlling the races for the second victory in three races.

8. British GP 2015

Hamilton finished sixth in 2014, so he improved by one (or five better) the following year, finishing the only tenth in Rosberg's pole position. After losing Rosberg (Austria) in the last game, Hamilton decided to return to his country, and he did it.

9. Itay GP 2015

In 2014 the hat-trick hero was in front of the Tifosi, and Hamilton did it again in 2015 however, this time, it was the second Grand Slam / Chelem of his profession. In 2014 he was coming first in Malaysia. That means he drove each lap took the pole and quickest lap.

10. Austrian GP 2016

In 2016 the memorable Grand Prix held where Rosberg topped the ranking with a led by 24 points. Hamilton did his best to cut Rosberg's title, but on the final lap, the two collided-but Hamilton again won a hat trick and a much-needed victory.

11. China GP 2017

Hamilton got into trouble during a weekend due to bad weather and won the pole position for the sixth consecutive time. He only completed about 20 minutes of practice, but it doesn't matter to the Mercedes man. From start to finish, he has been in a leading position equal to the hat trick of Jim Clark, who has won 11 titles.

12. Spanish GP 2017

When Vettel stopped due to an engine failure in the first Qualifying, it was a piece of cake for Hamilton. But the German returned and pushed his opponent to the limit in a maddening match, losing 0.051 seconds. Vettel led Hamilton up to lap 44 when driver No. 44 took the lead and stayed there.

13. Canadian GP 2017

After a terrible weekend before 2017 in Canada, Mercedes competed for the Monaco Grand Prix, in which Ferrari won by 1-2. In Canada, Hamilton returned to the lead every lap and defeated his teammate in 20 seconds. Redemption and Mercedes only need to wait a week.

14. British GP 2017

Hamilton trailed Vettel by 20 points in the championship, with more than 100,000 home fans behind him. He took pole position with a considerable advantage and led every lap because Bottas followed him home in time, while Vettel was pierced and fell to P7. His fifth victory at the British Grand Prix put him on par with Clark and Alain Prost.

15. Abu Dhabi GP 2019

At this point, the title has been Hamilton, but the Briton continued to move forward under the light of Yas Marina to consolidate his incredible title. DRS may have failed in the first few laps, but no one came close to Hamilton. Now, he sits two Grand Slams behind record-holder Jim Clark.

16. Hungarian GP  2020

It was a memorable season for numerous reasons-but Hamilton seemed unmoved by things around him. Focus on winning the seventh world championship. Will he do it? We don’t know yet, but he is on the right track after stumbling in Austria, winning in Styria, and dominating in Hungary.

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