F1 revised the Safety Car Rules to prevent repeating controversy in Abu Dhabi

F1 Revised The Safety Car Rules To Prevent Repeating Controversy In Abu Dhabi

F1 revised the Safety Car Rules to prevent repeating controversy in Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 Made changes in Car Rules After Abu Dhabi


On Tuesday, Formula 1 officials changed the Car safety rules to prevent a repeat of the controversy after the championship race in Abu Dhabi last year. Race director Michael Masi, who was replaced last month, changed the procedures on Yas Marina's final lap so that Red Bull's Max Verstappen could overtake Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and win the title.

Otherwise, Hamilton would have won the eighth championship.

The FIA made it clear in the revised 2022 sporting rules that "all" rather than the more vaguely "any" lapped cars must open themselves before starting again.

Masi allowed the race to recommence when the cars between Verstappen and Hamilton wrapped up and then shot ahead.

That gave enough time for the final round of the race, as the Dutchman was able to overtake his championship rival with new tires.

Since then, Masi was replaced by two officials, Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas. These officials will share the work of the race director as part of a larger overhaul of the refereeing process.

After 50 years in the sport, the FIA's loyal Herbie Blash, who retired in 2016, will return as Permanent Senior Advisor. Blash was previously an assistant to the late-race director Charlie Whiting.

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