What will happen in F1, late begins or no races this season

What will happen in F1 late begins or no races this season

What will happen in F1, late begins or no races this season

Due to the coronavirus global crisis, Formula1 and other major organizations are under influenced they all are worried about how to push ahead.

The season has been messy, as already six races have been delayed - or dropped totally include with Monaco Grand Prix, it is the jewel of F1 crown. The Coronavirus speedily spreads and nobody is very certain what occurs straightaway.

Sports organizers have already discussed tentative plans, so let’s take a closer look at the circumstance in detail and examine how F1 may recover its show back on the road shortly this season.

Will there ever be a 2020 F1 season?

We should begin with the most awful situations that Formula 1 will not be held this season due to coronavirus pandemic.

That may sound alarming and at this stage Formula 1 is thinking about, however, there is an event a chance because it is difficult to anticipate how the worldwide circumstance will turn out.

A few nations have control over the virus successfully, for example, Singapore and South Korea but others don't. In certain, flare-ups have scarcely begun, however, it unavoidably spread, and increase the length of time over which the world is managing the issue.

There are a few discussions is remains about slowing the coronavirus infection in different ways and no sureness concerning which nations will manage it best.

The main point is that Formula one season 2020 will not begin until the world's success to control the virus. As sports need universal travel so it is difficult to know which country will relieve travel restrictions?

Hence, the reality is that Formula one will not happen until the situations under control and it takes months. Here is the question arise in every fan mind how many?

When will season begin?

In the early week, immediately after the canceled Grand Prix of Australia, a work schedule for a revised 2020 season was circulating among the F1 teams.

Initially, it was decided the season will start with Azerbaijan Grand Prix on 7 June and later on remaining races will happen on the way.

If it is possible then Dutch GP will move and held along with Hungarian or Belgian races that take place in August and maybe Spain could be pushed into the summer.

after that, once the endurance races begin, it is expected that the remaining races such as Singapore, Russia, Japan, the USA, and Mexico will happen on their current dates. The final will happen in Abu Dhabi which is the last race under contracts that will move back for 14 days and Vietnam and Bahrain will happen into the space created. Brazil looks powerless, more on that in a minute.

In that situation, the season 17 races could last in the region and it would look like a normal - albeit postponed - championship.

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