Raft Changes in F1 Cars approved from FIA For 2020 - 2021

Raft Changes in F1 Cars approved from FIA For 2020-2021

Raft Changes in F1 Cars approved from FIA For 2020 - 2021

As per many challenges faced by the coronavirus outbreak, the World Motor Sport Council has accepted the e-vote and has made changes to 2020 and 2021 F1 guidelines.

At the starting of the month FIA, F1 and other ten teams collectively decided to postpone the 2021 rules introduction by the year 2022. The World Motor Sport Council has marked the move so that the significant guidelines can be adapted.

Other measures will be presented, for example, approving the transfer of the car survival cell for 2020 without modification and certain different parts by 2021 to minimize expenses. The innovative two-axis steering system from Mercedes will be banned from next year.

The World Motor Sport Council has accepted a number of other modifications such as the expansion of Article 1.3 to the Sporting Regulations, which means the governing body now capable to do further modification in articles with 60% team support rather than Requiring harmony.

The FIA says this will empower more prominent adaptability to respond to the difficulties the world is right now confronting. Articles affected by this change include the rules for free practice, tires, parc ferme, and the beginning method.

In the meantime, the World Motor Sport Council has given permission to the FIA and F1 to modify the schedule without coordination between the teams. This enables an optimized process to reallocate the schedule when it is apt to race once more.

For power parts manufacturers, there is an extra shutdown of three weeks in March and/or April. It also confirmed that the number of power elements that every driver is permitted should be changed and the number of races is decreased.

2022 Aerodynamic development regulations that highlight innovative latest models of vehicles were restricted from Saturday, March 28th until the end of 2020.
Teams can run a one-day test to drive young drivers within 48 hours of the last race of the season. Up to two vehicles can be used for this test, however, it remains discretionary.

Jean Todt, the FIA President has also approved the authority to make all decisions regarding the organization of international competitions for the 2020 season that may be urgently needed to process requests for postponement and/or cancellation " immediately ".

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