Formula 1 Emilia-Romagna GP 2021 : Good and Bad starts for the Rd 2 in Imola

F1 Italian GP 2021 Good and Bad starts for the Rd 2 in Imola

Formula 1 Emilia-Romagna GP 2021 : Good and Bad starts for the Rd 2 in Imola

From the dramatic opener to the three weeks of the new season, under the lights of Bahrain, who is riding high and who wants to be better in Italy? Watch all the live streaming of Formula 1 Emilia Romagna GP weekend only on Sky Sports F1 at

After all, this is still the longest Formula One season on record, and it’s still in its infancy, but the pre-season hype has become the first round in Bahrain, like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull, and Mercedes have delivered the competition for the year that everyone desires are publicly called.

In the end, success reigning many winners, but neither Mercedes nor Hamilton had any illusions that Imola would become easier.

This week Toto Wolff said, We may have won the round one, but we have no illusions that this will be a simple season. The car still lacks speed on a single lap, and Red Bull Racing seems to have an advantage now.

It has received a lot of attention due to the battle on the front line, but Lando Norris has a very promising start to his F1 third season. Norris became the winner of the race for the first time. He fell slightly behind in the team’s debut Daniel Ricciardo, but on the first lap of the race, it was shown that he would not become the driver’s prototype junior partner. Although he is ten years old, he has overtaken a lot in the car on the first lap.

In the latter part of the race, Norris was ahead of Ferrari's Charles Leclerc, finishing in a very strong fourth place and opening his account in 2021 with an outstanding style.

Their respective renamed cars looked good, but neither Aston Martin nor Alpine brought their new era into the start they wanted in the first race.

They reshuffled from their position after a midfield last season, and AM's Lance Stroll single point was the only noteworthy result of the two teams at the end of Sakhir. The Alps are bringing upgrades to Imola, and Aston Martin will also work to increase the speed on their 2021 machines.

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