Mercedes Dominating British GP Silverstone Track From Last 5 Years

Mercedes Dominating British GP Silverstone Track From Last 5 Years

Mercedes Dominating British GP Silverstone Track From Last 5 Years

It has been 70 years since the first Formula One World Championship held at Silverstone, and the sport has played two more races on the Northamptonshire circuit. We expect this to be someone doing business at Blighty.


Fight for the pole

The qualities of openness and sincerity determine that we must start with the fact that since 2013, Mercedes has been among the best at Silverstone every year. Considering that Mercedes was nearly a second faster than the competition in a tight and relatively short circuit, Hungaroring was ranked last at Silverstone when suspended, on a stretched and faster circuit, the team advantage seems likely to be better.

However, it is an interesting question of whether they will take the pole position that Mercedes drivers will take over. Valtteri Bottas broke Hamilton's run of four back to back poles by just 0.006 seconds last year with an all-out scream – even though in terms of both poles and win-wise, Hamilton remains the most successful driver with six each at Silverstone.


Past Five Years Pole Positions

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) –2019
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 2018 
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 2017 
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) –2016 
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 2015

Mixture of Victory

As of 2020, Mercedes has three-thirds, and drivers from another team have not yet posed a serious threat to this season's dominance. Therefore, logic will indicate that this game will be a battle between Hamilton and Bottas for victory-although it needs to be pointed out that Bottas failed to convert this pole position into a victory last year, while the Finn two years ago a late-game was played. Sebastian Vettel of the Ferrari team handed the victory to the German.


Therefore, Hamilton is clearly the favorite, as he will break another record after a seventh win on the track -Alan Prost has won the most championships in home games, recently Hamilton shares with his six races.

But for safety cars, it’s not uncommon for a Northamptonshire circuit-there were four crashes last year-and the summer weather in the UK usually means that rain will never be far away. Companies like Racing Point and Red Bull will hope to take advantage of an opportunity to destabilize Mercedes.

Past five years Victories

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 2019
Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) – 2018 
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 2017 
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 2016
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 2015

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